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Burmese Food Recipes from the Internet

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Burmese Chicken Indian Style 
Burmese Coconut Chicken Noodles (Own-nort Khaukswe)Yield: 12
Chicken and fungi Saladႀကက္ေက်ာက္ပြင္႔Lu Lu make this salad as an appetizer on rainy day. This recipe include a soup.
Chicken Giblets SaladThis will be an idea for larger drinker.
Chicken or Lamb Biryani Riceဒံေပါက္Shin Min (Smoke And Spice) give you an easiest and quickest way to make Chicken or Lamb Biryani Rice from the ready made packet.
Chicken wing, feet and skin Saladႀကက္ေရ၊ရုိးThis salad is an idea for weekend with friends.
Chicken with Shrimp Paste Sour and Spicy Curryၾကက္သား ငါးပိခ်က္ ခ်ဥ္ခ်ဥ္စပ္စပ္Chaw Su will show you how to make authentic Burmese Chicken with Shrimp Paste Sour and Spicy Curry.
Fried Chicken and Vegetablesၾကက္သားဟင္းသီးဟင္းရြက္ေၾကာ္This fried chicken breast fillet with vegetables recipe is provided by Karawait & Restaurant Kandawgyi (Royal) Lake, Yangon.
Hainanese Chicken Riceၾကက္ဆီထမင္းOriginated from the Hainan Island of China. This chicken rice is commonly popular in Singaporean, Malaysian and Thai cuisine.
You can also view the recipe and regional variations in English at wikipedia.
Mandalay Chicken Rice Noodle Saladမႏၲေလးနန္းၾကီးသုတ္(ခ) ၾကာဇံၾကီးသုတ္Ma Ei Thet will show you how to make this Mandalay Chicken Rice Noodle Salad. This recipe looks so delicious. I was born in Mandalay and my late mother is very popular with her authentic Mandalay dishes. I must say the roasted gram flour is very very important in this dish and strongly recommand to use that fine quality roasted gram flour from Mandalay. Now a day, you can buy that flour at most super market in Yangon, and I always make sure that they are in stock at my kitchen. I am not sure and never seen using Bean Sprouts in this Mandalay Chicken Rice Noodle Salad.
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