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Burmese Food Recipes from the Internet

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Bamboo shoot Saladမွ်စ္သုပ္Lu Lu makes this cheap and cheerful Bamboo Shoots salad from left over curry gravy and Bamboo shoot. You can make this salad in less than five minutes.
Bauhinea Buds Salad (Can be substituted with Young Greens or Broccoli)According to the Burmese traditional medicine, Bauhinea Buds Salad is good for your health, which can be used for some illness such as abcess.
Bean Sprouts and Curd SaladSpicy and delicious salad is quick and easy to make.
Bean Thread Vermicelli Saladပဲၾကာဇံသုပ္Lu Lu is not only good at cooking. She is also an excellent story teller. On this link, you can read a short story about her student life in Malamyine as well as how to make a Bean Thread Vermicelli Salad.
Beancurd SaladVegetarian Dish.
Beef Tripe Saladအမဲအူျပဳတ္၊ အမဲအူသုပ္Beef tripe soup and salad by Lu Lu. Excellent recipe. Very clear and precise instruction.
Bitter Gourd Saladႀကက္ဟင္းခါးသီးMissing Link
Canned Fish SaladငါးေသတၱာIf you don't feel like cooking, this is the one for you. But, put your mouse on the picture to see the ingredients.
Chicken and fungi Saladႀကက္ေက်ာက္ပြင္႔Lu Lu make this salad as an appetizer on rainy day. This recipe include a soup.
Chicken Giblets SaladThis will be an idea for larger drinker.
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