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Crisp Soybean Relish
Mi Mi Khaing
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3 soybean wafers
2 medium onions
1 bulb garlic
1/2 cup oil
Large pinch turmeric.
1 teaspoon chili powder
Cut soybean wafers with scissors in match-size strips and again to 1inch long strips. As soybean cooks and browns quickly, even cutting is important.
Slice onions evenly and finely. Slice garlic thick but evenly.
Heat oil in a wok, add turmeric, fry garlic light gold and drain off. Fry onion to light brown and drain off. Lower heat, fry chili, and drain off.
Put in soybean strips and stir to prevent burning. As soon as strips are cooked enough to crisp when cooled, turn heat off under pan. -
Mix in chili and salt, and when cool, mix in fried onion and garlic. Store in an airtight container and use as required.

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