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Simplest Shan Soup
Mi Mi Khaing
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6 cups beef or pork stock
4 medium tomatoes
2 green chilies
4 cups tender springs mustard leaves
1 soybean wafer (If not available, substitute 1 teaspoon canned bean paste.)
1 bunch (green stalk) garlic tops or springs onions
1 1/2 teaspoons oil
Bring stock to boil. Slice tomatoes and add with whole chilies and salt to stock. Boil till aroma and taste of chilies and tomatoes are obtained.
Prepare mustard leaves by snapping off tender parts in 1 to 2 inch pices. Add to boiling stock.
Prepare soybean wafer by toasting it, then cooling it and pounding as soon as cool. When mustard leaves are tender, add soybean powder. Correct for salt.
Cut garlic greens in 1 1/2 inch lengths. Heat oil and fry till greens are brown and oil is aromatic. Combine quickly with ladlefuls of hot soup, pouring back into soup pot and repeating till sizzling stops.

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