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 Chinese WokDae OweAlthough heavy gauge steel or hard anodized aluminum woks with a nonstick surface are popular, nothing beats a carbon steel wok for stir-frying. My favorite is cast iron which give different result for certain type of food. For cooking on an electric stove, a flat bottom wok is the best choice, although a round bottom wok with a wok ring can also be used.
KnifeDerrMany type of Knife available and should be specific
Pestle and MotorNga Yoat Ja Pwaet and Nga Yoat SoanThere are also metal, cast iron, wooden and clay Pestle and Motor available for different porpose.

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ColanderThun Za-Gar-GownA colander is a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with holes in it used for draining food such as pasta and vegetables. Conventionally, colanders are made of a light metal, such as aluminium or thinly rolled stainless steel, but some colanders are made of plastic.
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