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Neem LeafTamar (တမာ), for dip 
ChivesTayok kyethun meik (တရုတ္ၾကက္သြန္မိတ္) 
CeleryTayok nannan (တရုတ္နံနံ) 
Frangipani BlossomsTayok Zagar Pwint (တရုတ္စံကားပြင့္), for salad 
LuffaThabuot (သပြတ္) 
RockmelonTha-kwar cho (သခြားခ်ဳိ) 
CucumberThakwa-thee (သခြားသီး) 
LemonThan-ba-yo-thee (သံပယိုသီး) 
Young Mango LeavesTha-yet-nyut (သရက္ညြန္႔), for dip 
MangoTha-yet-thee (သရက္သီး), dessert fruit 
Mango, GreenTha-yet-thee-sein (သရက္သီးစိမ္း), for salad or relish 
Cashew NutsThi-ho-si (သီဟို႒္စိ) 
Cashew LeavesThi-ho-ywet (သီဟို႒္ရြက္) 
Golden Yellow PapayaThin-Ball_Thee (သေဘၤာသီး)A palm like tree that bears the papaya fruit whose enzyme is able to digest 35 times its weight in lean meat. Excellent source of vitamin A and B. Papaya is very good for soothing an upset stomach. It is a healthy addition to bacon and eggs for breakfasts because it neutralizes that "heavy" feeling from the bacon. Winter hardy only in Zones 9-11.
ChestnutsThit-kyer-thee (သစ္ၾကားသီး) 
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