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AsparagusKa-nyut (ကၫႊတ္) 
AubergineKha-yan-thee (ခရမ္းသီး) 
EggplantKha-yan-thee (ခရမ္းသီး), Kha-yan-ga-zaw-thee (ခရမ္းဂေဇာ့္သီး), tiniest eggplant for dipKha-yan-kyut, small, crisp eggplant
Acacia LeafKinmun (ကင္မြန္း), Leaf for Sour SoupKinmun Chyn (ကင္မြန္းခ်ဥ္)
Bean VermicelliKyar Zan - ပဲၾကာဇံAlso known as Chinese vermicelli, bean threads, bean thread noodles, crystal noodles, or glass noodles, a type of transparent noodle.
Note: Becareful. This is different from Rice Vermicelli which is used for Singapore Fried Noodle and Burmese Mon-Hin-Ger.
Lotus StemKyar-yo (ၾကာရိုး), for soup 
Chicken GizzardKyet Ah Myit - ၾကက္အျမစ္Gizzard is an organ found in the digestive tract of some animals, including birds, reptiles, earthworms and some fish. This specialized stomach constructed of thick, muscular walls is used for grinding up food; often rocks are instrumental in this process. In certain insects and mollusks, the gizzard features chitinous plates or teeth.
Carilla/ Kerala (Bitter Gourd)Kyet-hin-ger-thee
This vegetable is good for diabetic patient, and also boost your immune system. It should have that at the beginning of the winter season when many people sufer from cold and flu. Wild gourd seeds are used as Tea for Detoxing, some even claim as cancer medicine. You can ask in Indian Groceries as Kerala.
GarlicKyethun-phyu (ၾကက္သြန္ျဖဳ) 
OnionKyet-thun (ၾကက္သြန္) 
Spring OnionKyet-thun-hpu (ၾကက္သြန္မိတ္) 
PomeloKywe-gaw-thee (ကၽႊဲေကာသီး) 
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